Sunday, October 11, 2009

living on the run

I'd like to share some photos from the breathtaking-gorgeous landscape of Nueva Zealandia.  Photos snapped while holidaying with my family- from the North to the South Island.  These are unedited and pure... a real essence of this country.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Thank you each and everyone of you for bringing your smiles, love, hugs and walking shoes all the way to New Zealand. Having you out here was a mighty good gift in itself... but being able to travel for 12 beautiful nights together was the delicious icing on a cake.

I had so much fun with each one of you, and continue to appreciate the memories from our travels. I wish we could get together more often to play late night games, and share generally tear-jerkingly hilarious conversations. 

  • Our sporty red car... super flash!
  • WOW Art show and dresses that look like they are made of origami paper, glow in the dark stars, or the innards of a piano
  • Bottles upon bottles of delicious red wine... down the hatch!
  • Kicking your butts the first night of 31
  • Sunshine on Waiheke
  • Chief Bruce Douglas, "I come in peace, proudly representing 17 humble nations"... :)
  • The joy of seeing my HEALTHY family (big blessing)
  • Bottles upon bottles of delicious wine with Robin and Jim in Napier (could be a re-occurring theme)
  • Romantic date night with Shannon, Indian food and our superstar Bollywood-guru server
  • An epic plane flight over the Southern Alps only to land amongst the clouds
  • scary 4x4 adventures (not too sure about letting Dad drive... that man was very trusting... too trusting) and scary bike rides with shannon
  • KIWI AND TAKAHE (see photo below)!!! (also penguins and parakeets!)

Honey.... Oh Sugar Sugar!

This little tie-died plant it my favorite New Zealand gem. Its called Manuka, and when bees pollinate on these gorgeous (normally white) flowers they are enriched with a multitude of nutrients and pollens which eventually create a delicious and nutritious honey for us humans!

I try to eat some everyday... once i met a woman (kind of a strange one) who swore that Manuka honey had cured her throat cancer.
Its some good sh*t!!!