Monday, May 30, 2011

big green trees

I am a little bit lazy, and a little bit broke so when I discovered the only Canon battery charger I had was meant for New Zealand plug-ins a few weeks ago, I have yet to replace it with on that would work in the US. Which means I am unable to take quick and easy digital photos to share on my blog.
Its been a nice break though. I am still sitting on 2,000 photos from New Zealand and have yet to print or scrapbook any of those. Until I do something with that collection I am not allowed to take new photos and amass more of something that I don't do anything with. I have a love/hate relationship with digital and am working out some of the kinks these days.

Anyways, this means that I've been toting around my colored pencils and sketch book more.
Carin and I went and got lost two weekend in a row in the woods. The first weekend, the lovely Kristin Flemington (yah new friend!) joined us for an in and out trip at Eagle Creek. We scored a lovely camp site about 10 miles in. Once we set up camp we didn't see another soul the entire evening. It was a gorgeous trail- exciting falls, steep cliffs, Oregon outback. This weekend Carin and I went a little further North into the Hoh Rainforest of Washington State. HEY HOH! Sorry, can't help myself sometimes. This hike was equally beautiful. Luscious, old growth trees. Cedars with moss melting over every branch. We heard about lots of elk and black bears, but only saw some friendly fawns. We hiked at least 9 miles each day, which was pushing our little feet. Spoiled ourselves by carrying in way too much food, I refused to carry any of it out, so we had lots of eating to do, and shared some lovely campfires with friendly kids from Washington. We traded warm cups of Stumptown coffee for hours of sitting by their blazing fire.
Looking forward to what is bound to be a fun summer.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The doug fir was very fruitful last night. Deanna and I knew we were in for a treat, two tickets to see the sold out Menomena show... but the surprise was how freagin' awesome the open acts were as well.
It started with: Archeology (also playing FREE at RonToms this sunday... bring your Mum's!)

Beautifully followed by the violin, drum duo that created a symphony of sound, Talkdemonic:

and finally a band I've been yearning to see live since I first heard of them back in high school, Menomena... for some unclear reason they were focusing on there OLD music, which luckily for me were the tunes that made me fall for their sound. Here is a taste of their newest single:

(fun side note, Caitlin McCall and I recently got to work on a CHILDREN's music video together with the same women who helped make this menomena video... when I say "work" i mean we dressed up in giant paper mache costumes and participated in chase scenes and semi-choreographed dance sequences!!! exciting things to come!)