Saturday, July 25, 2009


My cheap week has been great, and successful... and its already halfway over. Here's some of the ways I have occupied my "free" time.

A. making delcious home-made granola!
B. Work
C. Running, got to get in shape for Cook Islands WOOP WOOP!
D. Work and eating delicious staff meals of mashed potato and beer... :) Sounds gross, but everyone can probably agree its a wicked good combination
E. Laying in bed and sending emails and posting photos to facebook... kind of lame, i know.
F. went to my first party in wellington ever. Had a lovely time dangling my feet over the window ledge of a four story building and admiring the city lights... while talking about good music with my new Irish amigos
G. Tried to ride a snake skate board. Cannot do it.
H. Not sewing
I. sleeping

Its been awesome and cheap. I am going to try and not spend money more often.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cheap adventures...

I decided I'd document this week as I have a very special goal... to not use my credit card or American bank account, and get by with the $16 remaining in my kiwi bank until next wednesday's payday.

It's bound to be an adventure. Coincidentally, I have depleted all my funds while pre-paying for my Cook Island vacation with John and loading up with a full tank of gas, rent for two weeks, filled my cupboards with my favorite foods, a 6-pack of IPA and other non-essential supplies. I have never been a good saver, but I am a damn good holiday maker!!!

To survive I plan on selling some clothes which i don't wear at the local recycle boutique. I'll spend my free-time playing on my computer and hopefully putting my sewing machine to use, which i bought in a moment of impulse because I THOUGHT at the time I'd actually use a sewing machine rather than just talk about sewing... hasn't really happened yet. But a broke weeks the best time to start a new hobby. :)

I just left the movie theater, I saw a mantenee (cheaper)... my first movie alone, ever.. Japanese film called "Departures". A melancholic but charming film about a man who discovers he has a true talent for preparing the dead for coffins. Douglas gives it two big thumbs up. The International Film Festival has graced Wellington with its presence. This was the first film I've watched this year. I've got 2 weeks left to catch another show or two.

Tonight I am heading to Elements to work. I'll be extra charming and see if I can woo my way into the kiwi peoples not-so-discovered tipping side. :) Wish me luck.

Monday, July 20, 2009

saying goodbye...

Goodbye to old cars that let me down,
goodbye to friends who never came around, ever.
goodbye to worn out shoes and underwear,
goodbye to collecting fabrics and dying my hair.

goodbye, goodbye

Assignment #70...

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This isn't a big deal, but it sure feels good! Some photos from my first photo shoot ended up getting published on the DesignerDirection website (i took the last two photos featured in the article).
DD is a New Zealand website that showcases up and coming designers, photographers, models, trends and new collections. I am trying to write, interview designers and take photos for them in my "free time". Check out the website to learn more about DD...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

18 days...

I miss you!!!! That was the best "vacation from my problems", I've been so distracted from my ever-growing list of things to do that I hadn't even blogged in weeks. Thanks for coming to wellington, snuggling with me, and brightening up my days...

Friday, July 10, 2009

winter hibernation

Good day all...

Now its been almost 10 days since I went on this fun walk, the trail along the water front that was spotted with sleeping male seals, but I remember it fondly. This hike marked the closest I have personally ever gotten to such a large wild creature. I think they are harmless, they certainly looked harmless... almost like they wouldn't budge, even if you tried to move them with a forklift... however, supposedly they were dangerous.

Below are some exciting photos of the "dangerous wild animals"... pretty exciting!

Wildest animal on the beach!!!