Sunday, February 7, 2010

"You All Know What It Means When I Pass Around This Hat"

We didn't know what to expect as we journeyed to Christchurch for the weekend. We had two tickets to go see Joanna Newsom and that was all it took to keep our spirits high... we were getting out of town and going somewhere new and around every single turn there were delightful surprises!

Our first night we drove for about 5 hours until we got to a cute and cheap motor camp right outside of the city. We paid only $11 and slept soundly next to this lake park. I crept out of the tent earlier than John and the morning mist was still low and beautiful. I sat next to the pond for a while reading, drawing and trying to coerce ducks to sit on my lap.

We hadn't sorted out where to stay yet or what we were going to do until the show started at 9pm we stumbled across a NYC Bagel shop with a very helpful lady who informed us about the BUSKERS FESTIVAL that was happening all over the city (aka body contortionists, living dolls, trapeze pirates, and comedians, all for the price of a few coins!)

This Russian-impersonating Australian duo was my favorite:

This flying group made me think of Rosalie... I thought "I hope Rosalie finds a traveling trapeze group to be in!" (Good luck with that darling!)

We left the festival to get some food. We had dinner at an amazing Himalayan restaurant and were well fed and happy, then we decided to sneak into the local Casino and won enough money playing roulette that the dinner and our dog sitter were paid for!!! WOOP WOOP I know its non-sensical but I swear I am a skilled Roulette player.

After this incredible day out we made it to the sold out Joanna Newsom which was breathtaking. The giggly Northern California native is adorable, beautiful and incredible talented. She took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. The two men who accompanied her on stage were equally as impressive musicians and the drummers facial impressions were odd enough that he should have been an act at the Buskers festival. (SERIOUS face MAN!)

Wish you could have all been there with me! Maybe next time...
.... love colleen