Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for you!!!

Yeasayer says it better.... please listen all the way to the end (thats where the essence lies)

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the walls glow pink!

I love my new home in Albert Town, New Zealand. I love living in a wee town where dogs and children can freely roam the streets and locks are left unhitched without worry.

I feel really fortunate that I found such a perfect studio cottage for Alibi and I to sleep in. This is the first time I have ever lived by myself- thank goodness Alibi is here to keep me company. I am kind of exaggerating (as I tend to do) because I am only staying alone for a short period of time, but its still a big change… a big step in the direction of real independent living. Although I already miss having a companion/flatmate to play games with, so I am not sure how long this will last.

I now work for Gibbston Valley Vineyards and am officially a cheap migrant worker, who spends long, hot hours getting burnt in the sun and comes home with hands that are becoming more cut and calloused everyday. Thank god I love wine so much, otherwise I am not sure I’d stick this tough job out to the end of summer. The highlights are definitely learning about growing healthy winemaking grapes and then day dreaming about coming home to my half full bottle of Pinot for an evening drink. Its truly shocking how much work (bud rubbing, thinning, leaf trimming, picking, pruning) and love (blood, sweat, tears, encouraging words and pet names) goes into making a decent glass of vino.


Tomorrow is the end of my first week at Gibbston and then beginning of a long, hot summer in the Central Otago region of New Zealand-home of blue skies, big mountains, long hikes and now me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Flying South

Goodbye Wellington, HELLO Wanaka!!!
John, Alibi and I recently took a boat ride, then a road trip to get from the north island to the bottom of the south island.
It was a good road trip- filled with campfires, ukulele lessons, hiking up mountains and finding a new home.
Although I don't have too many personal belongings I have managed to acquire a surprising amount of stuff... it was pretty amazing and fortunate that we were able to pack all my stuff, John's summer bags, and all of Alibi's balls into the "bubble car".
Happiest dog in the whole wide world... loves everything about New Zealand (mountains, sheep, rivers and dog parks)
We went down to Fiordland National Park, this photo can't capture the immensity of the rock mountains. The entire area is gorgeous and everywhere you look there are lakes and snow capped mountains. Popped into the grocery store on the journey home to buy some eggs! What a steal Farm fresh for only $5... thats cheap in NZ!
This is a picture of Alibi pooing. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


*In celebration of my southward journey, and due to meeting the hippest nerd ever, I have been able to give my blog a customized facelift.
Reading my be more difficult, fonts might not leap from the white background quite like they did before, but this is a work in progress and I really like the change and hope you do too!*

This morning I went on my last walk through Lyall Bay, watched from above as the waves crashed on both sides of the Kilbirnie shops, listened to my lovely Tui neighbors whistle their morning songs and happily accepted my time in Wellington has come to an end. What a great place- a cool city, filled with magic and mystery. I especially enjoyed living in Lyall Bay, the laid back surf neighborhood... filled with lovely people and my favorite cafe, Elements.

I hope to return sometime "soonish" either on my way out or on another journey. Regardless I am so happy I got to spend 6 months in this windy city.

"Adieu Wellington" she said as she waved farewell.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Royal de Luxe

a fantasy story of family being reunited after the fall of the Berlin Wall... what a magical world this can be.


John is a jolly birthday boy!

In celebration of darling Mr. French's birthday I MADE A CAKE!!! It was so much fun, and turned out much better than I had anticipated. While baking I made sure not to make any loud noises in the kitchen for fear of the thing caving in on itself. I am not sure if this actually happens, especially to banana cakes... but my subconscious was filled with fear of this happening.

I made pink piping frosting and decorated it in the most simple and lovliest way I could.

John turned 29... he is now officially an adult, which means I am not far behind. He has wrapped up his second year of veterinarian school and is most certainly looking forward to his summer vacation which started officially on his birthday! The summer of fun officially kicks of this Monday (the 16th) when he helps me and Alibi move down to the south island for the next 3 months. Very excited for our road trip and the move... a little bit nervous- we don't have a home lined up and I'll be traveling with dog... which makes it much more difficult to find a home- but regardless its adventure time and we are all excited!!

Birthday present from Alice... the perfect food dish for our long lost pal, Monkey!

Birthday card!!!
Hannah and Alice- his lovely friends from schoooool!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


dearest blog,
I miss you. Sorry its been ages since I've polished your outside and fulfilled you with new entries. I have come to a bit of a plateau in life... where I am waiting for something to change, something to happen and in the meantime have decided there isn't too much to share. But my head must be far up my arse if i can't see the glorious everyday happenings occurring all around me. So I'll rant tonight and try to retrieve it tomorrow.

These days are filled with memories of yesterday and creating happenings today. I miss my friends, I miss their front doors and showing up at them at all hours of any day for a black cup of coffee, smoke break, conversation, cupcake, dog walk, hug, you name it...

I've been trying to be spontaneous as to manifest a "brilliant experience" for myself. Talking to strangers, inviting myself into acquaintances houses, staying out until the sun rises with people I barely know, strolling at midnight, planting trees with my neighbors...its been charming, but I am still open for a deeper connection- ready to laugh with someone who I feel like knows me until tears roll out of my eyes or snot comes flying out of their noses.

I am thrilled about the prospect of summer. Lying in the sun, getting outdoors and taking naps in wild grasses.

It would be mature of me to deeply appreciate the serenity and small sense of community that I have found in Wellington, but in reality I would be white-lying to myself... for I am restless and growing inpatient with myself and others. The people I've met seem to have there life's ball rolling and they are able to share moments (for which I am utterly grateful) , but I haven't found that partner in crime to climb trees with and go dancing with me. Those people for me seem to be at home, having fun on the west coast, mostly in Portland together. Which makes me oh so happy in the most bittersweet way.

*sigh* so for tonight I will send out an ESP message to my dearest friends and family wishing that I could be with you and that we could play for hours.

love always,
colleen k. d.

p.s. its probably just a small case of depression from the fact that Halloween has just passed, and I didn't celebrate in the slightest... except in my heart and spirit, for I did have a Halloween costume in tow with me that day in my backpack (nerd outfit... ie calculater, plaid shirt, striped tie, high wasted pants, hand sanitizer and ultra-dorky glasses) but it never saw the glow of the halloween moon, as I did not put on my costume and did not go out and in search of the coolest carved pumpkins on the block (as there are none here)