Wednesday, May 27, 2009

you ROC my world

Today I met Roc Travers- young, aspiring, talented and experienced stylist. He walks the walk and talks the talk. Been around the block in the Wellington's fashion world and the boy's only 19 years old. I really like him, especially the fact that he is eager to collaborate. Put us in a room together and we explode ideas like a shaken can of cola!

Here's Roc:

I miss my girls at home who are busy busting out dresses and busting out of dresses, but I am excited about my new little connection with this guy and the larger group he is involved with "Designer Direction"... eager to see where this takes me.

Today I strolled around Wellington looking for neat places, while doing so I stumbled across some fun steel faces:

I strolled along the boardwalk of Wellington, the sun shone upon us for the first time in a week. The winds were also on a vacation and it was quite a nice day...

I bought a warm little car, 2 door bubbley thing... I don't have any photos of this little kitten, but I am excited for the heat function and ready to get rid of the ol' subaru. Right now I am sitting in my bed, sending birthday wishes to my beautiful friend Caitlin... enjoying the technology of my computer and the degree to which it allows me to communicate with myself, my loved ones and the world. "HELLO OUT THERE".

Thursday, May 21, 2009

fly away

Heart-shaped balloons are hard to find, and when you do find them they kind of look like round triangles. Pink and Silver balloons are just as special anyways,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wellington, New Zealand

population is just under 200,000 but it feels like 2 million at times.

from what i've discovered central downtown is compossed of the intersection of two main streets... Courtenay Place & Cuba Street.

When I am looking for a bite to eat or something to do, I just go down there. People watching is incredibly fun in this city. Generally speaking the population is a bit more diverse and in-tune with European fashions, than the beautiful grungy kids of portland (myself included). The streets can be a bit of a catwalk, filled with a combination of really skinny girls in bohemian rags or overweight women standing on 4 inch heels and wobbling unattractively. Its not a bad thing, its actually really fun to watch. The best of the boys are incredibly cute... flock of seagulls haircuts are always flying by on guys with huge shoulder pads in jackets, skin tight pants and big boots. I've seen this one guy walk around in a suit that is something like David Byrnes famous over-sized jacket... its wonderfully bizarre. Sometimes I think I am an extra in an A-Ha music video. The good looking women are equally stunning and they all have amazing haircuts that make me jealous. I have been considering chopping off my locks and getting a bit of a euro-trash make over, but am currently sitting on the idea. Trying not to be overly impulsive. Excersizing restraint :)

Right now I am sitting in bed, watching the wind shake the trees out my window. Wellington is known as the Windy City... its much colder here than it was in Auckland/Waiheke area. Today I am going to go to thrift stores in search of a winter coat, big blanket for my bed and a much needed space heater.

I love my new jobs. Both are great. On the weekdays I work at the #1 restaurant/bar in the country- Matterhorn. I get to wear a military green shirt and jeans to work. And serve the best food and drinks I've ever been around. Imagine Portland City Grill meets The Farm meets Holocene meets Le Cordon Bleu... :) The best of the best. And on the weekends I work at a busy cafe/restaurant that I can walk to in 5 minutes. Its perfect for the time being.

Here are some new photos of my place and my space...
I miss portland, can someone figure out how to put some of it in a glass bottle and send it to me? Wellington is wonderfully great, but so is Portland and no city can ever replace the love I have for her, ever.

this is my favorite corner, complete with polaroids (tiger, shola and deanna) music, fashion magazines and lovely cross-stitch of woman and dog
my memorabilia: postcards, photos, and found objects

This is the amazing kitchen table. I usually have morning tea and sit out this window thinking about my friends and family, wondering "why aren't they here?"

The full moon over the bay from this weekend.