Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birds and the bells

"Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong!"

There is nothing better than the sound of a cowbell, when you hardly notice it, but then realize "yes that awesome repetative noise in the background of this amazing song, is none other than a darn cowbell".

I just had one of those moments while listening to a beautiful m83 song "coleurs".

Another really good noise in life, is bird chirping. I think bird chirping is a sound more musicians should include while creating music. You could play it unedited in the background, and let the bird lead the show. Loop a particular sound you really like. You could chop it up and make glitchy pop sounds out of it. There are endless options.

Speaking of endless options... I am getting ready to move up north. I have HUGE dreams about what my future abode will be like. I hope for something very romantic, small and empty. So i can collect random found objects and legitimize my thrifty purchases. I shouldn't really every be spending money, but i can't help it. This last week I replaced my makeup. I spent $65 on stuff and was given 500$ worth of makeup for almost free!!! You know what that means? Yup, I have a shit ton of makeup now. more than I ever had before and mroe than I'll ever need. I can paint my eyes blue, purple, green or yellow. I can paint the top part of my eye yellow and the bottom half purple. Start a new fad... or maybe just get laughed at.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

page one

"somedays are throw-aways, and other ones you keep"... Buck 65

The major noticeable differences between New Zealand and Oregon are:
a.  you drive on the other side of the road in Oregon
b.  the light switches are completely different, and up is off and down is on
c.  people tend to be less fashionably aware (this might change later, but i haven't really noticed any "gems"... as some might say)
d.  i have never been robbed in Oregon
e. they are much better recyclers here, they recycle every form of plastic: lids, the outer layer of wrapping, a used tissue, etc...
f.  when want a quick meaty snack it comes in pie form, in America it generally comes on a bun
g.  all school-kids wear uniforms.  Which is a major plus for any young woman with attractions for school girl attire, that have recently emigrated to New Zealand.
h. the metric system, i am no longer 5'6''... i am not sure how tall i am now, but i will figure this detail out soon!!!!!

Today is a keeper.  today has been predominantly devoted to replacing items that I used to have and which are very useful for traveling around New Zealand, like coats, sleeping bags and backpacks.  After years of living in rainy Oregon, i have found a far better raincoat here than in all my searching EVER in rainy ol' Oregon.  Its a lovely schoolgirl uniform raincoat... makes my heart go beat, beat,          , beat.  Get it?

Thrift Stores generally have higher quality goods here than they do in the states.  Those once-upon-a-time beautiful sofas that you might find yourself staring at, wishing it wasn't worn so much in the butt area, are perfect here.  The velvet is still soft and amazingly stain-free!!
If i actually end up renting a flat I'll be sure to get a golden oldie to lounge on.

It's time for me to wake up my sleeping beauty.  Today is also an incredible day, because not only did my dear friend John allow me to cut his hair, but he also thought i did a good job afterwards!  WOOP WOOP.

I love fish 'n chips with Lager
traveling advice for those who have not yet packed all their favorite pieces of jewelry in one place... don't do it.  But i guess they might be better off here then at home in a box.... right?
hmmm.... Confucius says  "___________"  (please fill in the blank)

love always,
colleen k.d.