Thursday, April 14, 2011


lately i enjoy drinking coffee to the extent of extremes. I know its not good for me, I know it makes me stay awake and makes my body feel like a miniature marathon is taking place inside my veins after the third cup, but i am romantically in love with the concept of morning, afternoon and night time JOE.
My brother in-law drinks ridiculous amounts of coffee, to the point where if he doesn't drink it before he goes to bed, he can't sleep because of physical withdrawals. I don't want my new habit to get that bad, i just really like warm, roasted drinks that you get to wrap your hands around and go "MMMM". I also like the idea of staying awake late and being productive, but that doesn't really happen too much as I am a "morning person" who tends to slip out of my jeans and get under the covers before midnight. When i talk to Caitlin and she tells me how she has stayed up till 3am busting out dresses in her basement I get jealous. I wanna stay up LATE, buzzing and producing. How exciting!?
There are so many hours in the day and so many great things to do. I am trying to stay awake to do them. But really no one wants to play at this hour.
.... sigh.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i am not sure this lifestyle will last forever, a part of me hopes that it doesn't, but at the same time I've resolved to enjoy it while it lasts... with that said, BUBBLES AND BALLOONS FOREVER!!!