Sunday, September 26, 2010


thanks caitlin for reminding me about how amazing you are and of how much fun we had in your tattered bunny outfits. i am looking forward to returning home and putting mine on, then making breakfast in banks, oregon and wierding out my folks.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Perhaps you may or more likely may not have noticed, but I haven’t written in the blog in ages. In fact the only change that has been made to it in more than a month has been the title. I think it suits the purpose of the blog better and maybe that’s why I haven’t written in so long, because I’ve was settled in the town of ye ol’ Wanaka. I had a regular life- made friends, worked 40 hours a week, developed habits (pool night on Wednesday, family dinner, snowboarding every free afternoon, nannying on Saturdays) that there weren’t too many traveling adventures or things out of the ordinary to write about.

Regardless, things have changed and I am back on the road. My life’s belongings have been whittled down to one large suitcase on wheels, two backpacks, a ukulele and an annoying pair of snowboard boots that I am painfully lugging across the world.

When traveling goes smoothly, it generally doesn’t matter how much stuff you are totting around with you. The plan was to get dropped off at the airport, picked up by a friend and get a ride to my campervan… what actually ended up happening was I got dropped off, flight canceled in Queenstown, 8 hours bus ride to Christchurch, taken to a hotel at 1am, early morning manic 7.4 earthquake at 4:30am, ran out of hotel, abandoning all belongings, returned to collect said belongings in pitch black while heart was pounding and my head was wondering “if the building collapses while I am collecting all this shit, would it be worth it??!!”. Thankfully I spied an airport luggage cart in reception and quickly snatched it up. For the next 12 hours while myself and hundreds of others set up a make-shift refugee camp in the Chirstchurch airport’s green spaces I wouldn’t let that cart of convenience out of my sight

Once power came back to the city I managed to snag a flight out that evening to Australia. *!?#*!?!! amazing

So here I sit now, three days later. Upon a futon, in a guy named Michael’s living room ( host) on the Gold Coast, staring at a beachfront that reminds me of Miami or Rio De Janeiro. Australia is grand. Far different than I imagined… and not at all like New Zealand. It’s wild and populated, fast and flash.

I am still in slow mode and am hoping to find a beach to perch myself at for the day and read my book, swim in the waves and drink copious amounts of tea and juice.

A nesting female with amazing eyes. I got too close to her and she didn't appreciate it. Her companion came running at me making growling noises.
Doped up Koalas (not wild) saw them at the Australia Zoo!
My first night out in my extremely discreet campervan, I woke up to this family of KANGROOS outside. I fed them toast :) and the big one on the left (male) got kinda of pushy and I got scared. hehehe not very experienced with roos!

Saw this beauty at the Noosa National Park- along with sea turtles and koalas! Wild OZ
Me and this guy became friends- I let him touch my camera.