Monday, January 14, 2013

looking for snow...

Growing up, my wonderful stepmom always had a post-it note on the wall that said, "travel with an open-heart and light expectations", generally I've heeded this advice. Traveled with an open mind, never knowing whats in store. Well this time I kinda forgot about that sticky note... it all started when 6 weeks before we left I started calling our short winter trip "snowcation 2013", I had in my mind that this year's adventure would be somewhat similar to last years white road trip... well we didn't find fluffy feet of new snow: instead we found lukewarm hotsprings, 45 degree weather, rain, and beautiful winding mountain passes, full of good people, we snuck into a alpine lake resort, played rounds of backgammon in a mountain cabin and discovered that our cat is a pretty good on the road! There was a brief moment when I was a little disappointed that we couldn't control the weather, but then I realized I had mind tricked myself... Snowcation 2013 was wonderful... it lacked fluffy white powder but it was full of all sorts of delights. Have a happy new year to you and yours, may it be filled with delightful surprises and sweet nothings. Remember travel with few expectations and an open-heart!