Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ode to a headcold...

you've kept me in bed for days,
I lost lots of money- having earned no wages.

Strangely enough I didn't mind being locked in my room,
under the covers, snuggled by a big dog.

All thats left of you is a hoarse voice,
and the cherry color stain you left under my nose.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my moon, my man...

well he isn't really my man, but i just love this gent.

Vote 2009

I am taking votes... to those of you who might see this... what should I do with the next year of my life?

A) Stay in New Zealand... continue to try and find opportunity of a lifetime.
B) Move to South Korea for a year and make butt-loads of dollars and fund my future travels around the Euro-Asian continent.
C) Throw in the towel and move back to Oregon so that I can find jobs, houses and cars on Craigslist, possibly live with my parents again until I "get back on my feet", but get to hangout with the most amazing group of friends and my Mother, Father, Mom and sisters and start a craft club.
D) Apply for graduate school, mostly because getting a job outside of the restaurant industry has been frighteningly difficult for me no matter what side of the world I am on.

You don't actually have to vote, but you can if you want... i have a tendency to seek answers (for better or worse) to life changing decisions, from other people. In hopes that someone will say something that clicks, "like a light at the end of a tunnel". Only time will tell, but the best thing about all my choices or paths is that they ARE ALL GOOD. Its like comparing Rose Apples to Granny Smith... you can't really go wrong.

Monday, June 15, 2009

warm toes

its raining outside my window, but my room is illuminated like amber thanks to my new wool curtain. it protects me from the harsh wind stream that previously blew under the window seal and through my room. these days i am warmer than ever. my roommate Sol has flown to india and upon her departure she left me with a hot water bag (something strange, that kiwis sleep with. i was opposed at first, now i can't sleep through the night without one) and a space heater. How pefecct that a woman named "sun" gave me the gift of warmth.

Its currently 11:19 am, and i have yet to rise from my warm bed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

FUN *uh hum, cough* I mean portfolio building

I am not sure how this all happened, and so quickly... but I've made a unique group of friends who are just as interested in fashion/photography/clothes/and DIY FUN as I am! Last monday we quickly organized a great photo session at my new favorite vintage store "Aeon" owned and operated by rat-loving Amy.
Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

Presenting model Hine... (sounds like penny, with an H)

And the lovely Trystan...

The dynamic and random duo of babes!!!!!

And finally the "crew"...

Roc is our foxy stylist guy.

Amy is the kind and trusting shop owner, who gave us the keys to the store after hours!!!

The is the amazing makeup artist, Heather and her man friend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the sun also rises...

my fantastic flat mate Sol is leaving our bungalow in wellington tomorrow. her journey is taking her to India. i have told her at least 15 times how amazing i think she is, especially in regards to buying a ticket for one, as a female, to India. i admire her independence. i have never traveled anywhere by myself. its actually a personal goal i have, to go to a completely foreign country (different language and culture) and spend some quality time alone. which she will undoubtedly be getting her fair share of in the next 5 weeks. aboard trains, in planes, hiking in jungles and sleeping in strange places. i've heard that even though india is the most populated country in the world, one sometimes feels very alone and aloof there. although sol is a magnetic warm jewel of a person and i am sure she have an amazing time no matter how her adventure unfolds.
sol i'll miss you. if melissa successfully sneaks herself into your suitcase i'll be incredibly jealous.

Friday, June 5, 2009

a day without you...

my new car!!! (thank you marc for the quintessential oregon bumper sticker)

dear shola bear,
you asked me what my life was like here. its nice, exciting, beautiful and quaint. i live on a beach, can watch cute boys (and girls) surf from my kitchen window. today there was a group of 45 surfers or so, they formed a heart-shape in the water, it was a tribute to a man who died while surfing last week. i could see the heart in the water.
i regularly wander around a town built about 80 years ago, thats filled with antique relics-old cars, poorly insulated homes whose original paint job is chipping away. today i found a house that would be perfect for you. its been well cared for and looks like lace. maybe one day you will live here too. if you do, can i be your roommate? i'd make you tea with milk and sugar every morning.
yours truly,

This is my co-worker Luma... he steams the best soy milk.
this is the kitchen team... always this stunning and fun.
this is melissa and joash... she is my house mate and he is her man.