Monday, April 30, 2012


So much has happened since my contract "ended"... the whole concept of one door closes, many doors open feels entirely true and validated in the last two months of life. After leaving computer desk job in Hillsboro I started looking for volunteer opportunities to try new things. I've been organic farming and trying to get my foot into the world of education (teaching). Specifically I volunteered at an elementary school and helped kids who were behind in reading, get better. At the farm- Working Theory Farm- I've been sowing, weeding, tilling and planting hundreds of vegetable babies. Its practically perfect weather in the NW to work outside, not hot and not cold... hasn't been raining too much, we've even had the occasional 80*F day. This evening (its currently 11:22pm) Tony and I are shooting off for our much anticipated SW America road trip. Look out Utah, Colorado, Arizona and even Arkansas (hey grandmas!) we are coming to get you. I am eager to share some stories from this adventure on ze blog later. Don't have much at the moment, just a quick catch up. Yahoo for spring flowers and life cycles. I love how the sunrises and sets. Very dependable.

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