Wednesday, January 1, 2014

playfully wrapping up 2013

Winter break is the best!  Returning to school is great, we get designated vacations... time that must be taken advantage of by spending it with friends and family.  This break has been beautiful... a lot of preparing and celebrating with Shannon and her little surprise, friend time (my latest obsessions are board games and puzzles) and winter wandering with the handsome Mr. Kic.
Thank you to everyone for contributing to the fun and games.  I continue to feel blessed and loved.
Christmas dream boys
We gave up on finding snow this year and embrassed the crisp, dry winter air- checked out Belnap hotsprings, Cougar hotsprings and beach life
 Tamoltich Pool on McKenzie River- this pull will be jumped in when the weather gets warmer
Hot evening at home with Mr. T and Mr. Kic
Grad school teammates!

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